*If reading and writing were liquid poison, I would drink it slowly and savor every drop" DOMINO

"Writing gives anyone the ability to make the impossible reality and I love the concept of being able to do so by writing. This is what made me sit down and begin the lovely process of putting my creativity into words" DOMINO.

DOMINO is self-published and her novels are Letting Go, Velvet 66-The Druid Prophecy, Gliders-Corvus Chronicles, 99 to Nowhere, Ryan's Willow, Sky Hostess, SLAM BOOK-Dirty Little Secrets and Polka Dots-A Year In The Life Of Sydney.

Video trailers are available. Letting Go may be viewed at ------SLAM BOOK-Dirty Little Secrets at and Velvet 66-The Druid Prophecy at

DOMINO resides in Miami Beach Florida with her three loves. Christopher, her rock of encouragement, Pixie her beloved Yorkie and Ola, her African Grey.

Please visit my page, made for women, young and old on Facebook. A group that uplifts, supports and encourages each other to be all we can be. and also at


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