V66-Blood of Farren

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Letting Go

Pregnant at 17 with no family or support, Shawna's life has been turned upside down. She now has a big decision to make, for her and the well being of her unborn child.

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SLAM BOOK-Dirty Little Secrets


When Gia decided to create a slam book as a way to spread rumors around campus, she had no idea it would become the informant of a murder and that she would be the major suspect.


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99 to Nowhere

Maxx has never known what it felt like to be loved, until she met a crazy but handsome guy named Rio on 99th street. Living homeless and depending on each other until the day they are forced apart. Rio and Maxx do everything in their power to stay together, no matter the consequence.
***Adult Content***Adult Language***

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Velvet 66-The Druid Prophecy

Jayden Farren is a druid assassin, committed to ridding the world of evil and murder. Humans have no idea he exist and his job is to keep it that way, that is, until he falls in love with a human named Carissa. Torn between his love for a human and his obligation to the murderous Druidic Order of Assassins, he is thrown down a bloody path of lies and deceit he had no idea existed.***Adult Content***Adult Language***Violent Content***

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After Party-Life After Life


Ever wonder what happens to you when you die? Many believe you go to a place called heaven, if you were a good person, and many believe you go to a fiery hell if you were evil. Well, what happens to you if you were sprinkled with both? You go to work. You are recruited to help people cross over after they die; you become a critical part of that white light. Many of you may call it the afterlife, and many of you may consider us angels, or even reapers, but we consider ourselves much more than that, we call ourselves the After Party.

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Polka Dots-A Year in the Life of Sydney

Sydney Kalani is 24 and 250 pounds overweight. She's in love with one of the hottest men she's ever met, Joel Ashford, office heartthrob and worldwide womanizer. When he can't see past her weight she decides to lose it, all for the sake of love. She discovers that life not only throws curve balls, but it also throws cake. She learns love is an inner beauty, appearance is highly over rated and true love is priceless. **Adult Content**

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Ryan's Willow

 The small town of Kenton Louisiana is the bearer of many secrets and Violet has no idea she will become immersed in one her heart will fight to keep that way. On a mission to help an anguished and dead young man, Ryan, she finds love not only with the living, but also with the dead.

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Sky Hostess

25 year old flight attendant, Mia Madison, lives her life in the clouds. Flight attendant and the blond bombshell of escort service, Sky Hostess. Beautiful and savvy, she has it all, until, she learns money can't buy happiness and no matter how much money she attains, true love is priceless.
***Adult Content***Adult Language***




Gliders-The Corvus Chronicles

My name is Sasha. I'm 17, a member of Wind Chasers and our private society is unknown to the world. We live among you undetected and have for many years. It is our creed to remain this way, never be discovered of what we really are, half human and half raven. Betrayal or even risking the discovery of us is dealt with harshly, but love can even make death worth it. Love can be beautiful and deadly all at once, this is one thing I had to learn the hard way. This is my story...

***Mature Content***

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